Friday, December 08, 2006

Kiss My Grits

According to SOME of you yesterday's post was really sub par. And by some of you I mean the commenter "Anonymous" who is, more likely than not, my sister.

Sis, I will punish you in due time with a little Dance Dance Revolution, or as the pros like to call it, DDR. But to my other loyal readers (all two of you) who may agree with Sis that yesterday was subpar, let me just say "I'm sorry" ok. SORRY.

Look, I haven't left my house since Tuesday. Tuesday! Today is Friday. I may or may not leave the house this evening to go print. I make no guarantees. It is law school exam time ok? Right now the mail and laundry excite me. I have waxed our wood floors. I have cleaned my closet and the kitchen.

While many of you might take such an opportunity to forgo bathing, let me assure you that I have taken a shower everyday. However, I have entered the disgusting zone by wearing the same pair of comfy yoga pants everyday. Look when you sit in a chair for like 14 hours a day those buttons and zipper flys start to chafe. You need the joyous combo that is cotton and elastic.

Also for some inexplicable reason I can only breathe through one of my nostrils. The other one acts like it's filled with cement despite the fact that nothing seems to be obstructing it, but numerous allergy/cold/cocaine remedies later I have given up. I could go to the health center but they'll either

a) slap me on antibiotics
b) give me some antihistamine cold medicine that will zonk me out
c) combo of a and b

And since it's exam time, I cannot be knocked out, nor do I have the 3+ hrs to sit in the waiting room. No left nostril, you will have to wait until I'm finished on Tuesday before I can make you function again.

All this to say that given the circumstance, the fact that Tom Waits and Jeffrey Wright are connected by both their birthdays and film seemed exciting to me. OK?!

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