Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Am Sick of Your Feelings

The past two weeks have been sort of like "A Thanksgiving Carol" in that I've been visited by the Ghosts of Relationships Past and Present. I'm just waiting for the Ghost of Relationship Future.

To all of these ghosts I have but one message: I am sick of your feelings. From here forward, I would like to be the girl in the relationship.

Big N claims that she attracts "mama's boys", well I seem to attract overly sensitive/emotionally disturbed boys. It's tiring. They whine. A lot.

Boyfriends past have called recently and want to tell me their problems, and I feel like if I'm not dating you, I shouldn't have to hear your crap. Tonight as I informed sort-of-dating-guy (aka ghost of relationship present) that our non-relationship was over, I had to listen to him for 15 minutes before I could manage to get a word in. It was all philosophy of life blah blah blah. When I did finally get to deliver the news, then he had the nerve to insist I was crying! I almost couldn't hide my laughter.

I hope the Ghost of Relationship Future presents someone as emotionally remote as myself. The sort of guy who is content to spend evenings where neither of us talks about how we feel.

[SIGH] Sounds delightful.

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