Sunday, November 26, 2006

Tom v. Tom

One of these Tom's is not like the other. See one Tom is Tom Chaplin of "Keane", the other Tom is the Tom who is my sister's boyfriend. We are all convinced that they are dopplegangers. Or twins separated at birth. Or whatever.

Here's the evidence:

1) They're both British.
2) They're both snazzy dressers (at least some of the time).
3) They're hair is nearly the same and they're both adverse to hair product.
4) Lips and nose look the same to me.
5) Cute as buttons!

My sister and I are not the only ones who think that these Toms look alike. A friend of my-sister's-Tom even once called him during a Keane concert and drunkenly said "Dude, you're on stage." Which only confused my-sister's-Tom.

Is it wrong that I find Tom Chaplin cute? Does the fact that he looks like my sister's boyfriend make this sick and wrong? (No, I am not after my sister's boyfriend.) Do you know which Tom is which?

I can say from first hand experience that my-sister's-Tom does at least have a good sense of humor. He and my sister have invented an activity they call "The Red Neck Rollercoaster." This requires: tequila, a truck, and hilly property -fortunately all items we have. So sis and Tom will partake of the tequila, then have one person drive the truck at mach speed over the hills while the other is laying down in the pickup bed. I think my sister dislocated her arm doing this. Tom's only concern? "Won't your father be upset that we've ruined his garden?" My sister's response: "A field is not a garden."

After he and my sister saw Talladega Nights they both called me excitedly. Since my parents are dragging us to North Carolina for Christmas this year, he's hoping we can go to a NASCAR race while we're there. And also to Applebee's.

I told him we can only go to Applebee's if he promises to get us thrown out.

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