Tuesday, November 21, 2006

AISL Has A New Look

I couldn't take the dots anymore OK?!

At first I loved the dots. But lately the dots and the blue background (even though blue is my favorite color) -I just couldn't take it anymore. I don't know if I'm hormonal, if it's because exams are approaching and I'm stressed, or what. At any rate, a change was due and I decided I needed a template that's a little less seizure-inducing.

The original template was a group decision. When this blog was first started, it was supposed to be something all my law school friends contributed to, so that our non law-school friends could understand the hell that is lawschool. When we all agreed on the template we all thought that is was "hip" and "graphic-ey." Now it's just "dots" and "annoying". Not to mention that after about one entry this group project pretty much just turned into my little rant space, despite the fact that it this was not my idea (it was EZ's). In fact, when the idea was suggested I'm pretty sure my exact words were "Blogs are stupid."

Clearly, the joke's on me. Anyway, if you like the new format, feel free to weigh in. If not, well screw you, I probably don't like you anyway.

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