Sunday, October 22, 2006

Couch Toilet or Bumper Dumper - You Decide the Better Invention

A week or so ago, Tiny, EZ, myself and M.Babe and M.Dude were having dinner at our favorite Thai place in the Marigny. M.Babe proceeded to describe how earlier in the day M.Dude announced he was going to go to the bathroom and then didn't resurface for three hours.

M.Dude did not have any *cough* "issues," it's merely that getting up to go to the bathroom was, apparently, so exhausting that it required a nap immediately following. M.Dude then stated that he "was tired" and this is why he believes that "The Couch Toilet
® would be the greatest invention ever."

Risking the obvious, EZ asked "What exactly is a Couch Toilet
® ?"
"Obviously, that's a couch with the toilet built in."
"Think of it," M.Dude said, "you could just sit there watching TV and you'd never have to get up."

Funny, but not terribly original. After all, what lazy (heterosexual) man from time to time hasn't announced a similar desire? A desire to remain indoors, unshowered, comfortably ensconced for a weekend of TV sports?

But let's say your aim is a touch higher - you have a bit more "vision." Let's say your the sort of man, who not only enjoys indoor sports viewing, but also a bit of the outdoors. And when you're out of doors, you still wish to enjoy the full comfort and quality of your home shitter. Well, sir, you are in luck! Someone has invented the Bumper Dumper
® just for you!

And just see what it's creators had to say about it!

The only hitch mounted portable toilet
patented to use any standard full size toilet seat.

It's the most comfortable, stable and sanitary porta potty in the world.
Use it in the hitch receiver or as a stand alone unit.
You can use a bag or a bucket .

Wow! So all they're selling you is a trailer hitch with a ring on it! You supply the toiler seat and the bag or bucket! Fantastic! And after all the work, you can crap in pure comfort! Can I use any more exclamation points?!

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