Thursday, April 05, 2007

Breathing Optional

So at 3:00 p.m. my health insurance company informed my surgery center that they don't cover nasal surgery. For any sort of nasal surgery to be covered, I will have to pursue an additional 15 day procedure which will allow the insurance company to determine if my surgery is "medically necessary".

To my Student Health Insurance: This is all shit that could have been brought to my attention more than 12 hours prior to my surgery.

I basically have tumors in my nose that cause a chronic sinus infection, which could ultimately cause me to have a brain infection. I'm not sure what could be more "medically necessary" than this surgery.

There's also the small fact that oh I CANNOT BREATH OUT OF HALF OF MY NOSE. As I'm wheezing and bitching to the health insurance man he says "I can see that you are having some trouble breathing." But it's not clear if that fact will be sufficient to find that the surgery is medically necessary and therefore covered; the insurance company reviews these surgeries on a case by case basis. So if I understand correctly, my health insurance may consider free breathing "optional".

So I've had to cancel my surgery. But hey, if I have to have emergency surgery, *that* will covered. At which point my brain may be worthless.

Fuck you, health insurance.

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