Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Adieu, Mon Nose Fetus

As I've mentioned before, I've developed nasal polyps in my nose and sinus. But before I quite knew what was going on, I called the blockage in my nose my "nose fetus." Well, it turns out that I didn't respond very well to the steroids/antibiotics treatment to shrink the polyps, so I'm having endoscopic surgery on Thursday. In short, I am aborting my nose fetus.

But since life is only fun if it's complicated, I'm flying to Dallas (where I'm originally from) to have the surgery because the hospitals are so full down here I couldn't get it scheduled. It's an additional pain in the ass, but probably better because things are still pretty ghetto down here.

The one bright spot is that my doctor in Dallas gave me a comic book about my surgery entitled "ENDOSCOPIC SURGERY: Seeing and Operating Inside Your Sinuses and Nose." This comic book is awesome. I wish I had time to scan some of the choice pages to share.

I'll just describe some of my favorites; I love the pictures of sad people, all clutching their nose/heads/sinuses in various states of dress and agony:

* See the asian ballerina who cannot dance because she must clutch a kleenex to her nose.
* The caucasian female office worker who cannot stare at her laptop because of overwhelming sinus pressure.
* The african-american man in blue pajamas who sits on the side of his bed poking at his sinus. It is unclear how sinus pain has ruined his life - perhaps he is bed-ridden?

Other highlights include:

* Step by step instructions on rinsing the nose and sinuses with salt water
* Illustrations of various infections one can get in the sinuses
* At the end there is a picture of a fat italian man cooking enjoying the smells wafting upfrom his pot of delicious food.

Over drinks last night, my friends and I also had a lot of fun comparing pictures of my cat scan to the cat scan illustrations in the comic book. Like a high level game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey we drunkenly tried to spot my deviated septum and blocked sinuses. Fun for all ages!

At any rate, all of this is to say I'm afraid I'll be on a brief hiatus because I'll be recouping at the 'rents and they only have dial up.

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