Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oscars Edition: Actors I'm Always Getting Confused

John Cleese and Billy Connolly. Really, I'm just always thinking Billy Connolly is John Cleese, and then I'm disappointed that it's not John Cleese. But come on, they look similar.

Caviezel and Billy Crudup. I know one of these guys was Jesus and the other was in MI:3, but I'd be hard pressed to tell you which one. One of you is half Swiss, the other left his 7 month pregnant girlfriend, Mary-Louise Parker, for Claire Danes. I'm pretty sure the Jesus guy is actually the better man. Which reminds me....

Frances O'Connor and Mary Louise Parker.
Really I keep thinking FO'C is MLP,
and then I'm wrong.

Ah, Aaron Eckhart and Thomas Jane. One of you is married to Patricia Arquette. One of you was in Thank You For Smoking (thumbs up) and one was in The Punisher (thumbs down). May the better dimpled-chinned-man win!

The only person worse than me is EZ who is constantly confusing
Marissa Tomei for Mira Sorvino and Mena Suvari - both of whom look nothing like Marissa Tomei. Whenever EZ is in doubt as to an actress is in a film, his default is Marissa Tomei.

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