Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Screw You Grant Miller For Tagging Me: Five Things You'd Rather Not Know About Me

1) I *love* Journey. Seriously. I just bought Journey's greatest hits yesterday at Best Buy. There's nothin like rocking out to Separate Ways as you're driving in your car. Which brings me to the next item.

2.) I'm a soon to be environmental lawyer who drives an SUV. In all fairness, the SUV isn't mine - it's my sister's. My own car is a plastic Saturn, but I'm driving sis' jeep (thanks sis) because the roads are seriously f*ed up in NOLA and driving my good ol' plastic car down here was tearing it up. Plus sis is in England so she doesn't need the jeep anyway. Jesus, that one was boring.

3.) I am obsessed with Dance Dance Revoltion and think it is the wave of the future. All battles, disputes, quibbles, and disagreements should be settled via DDR dance offs. Did you steal my lotion? DDR will decide if there has been a theft. Are you sitting on my half of the couch? DDR can mediate. Has your army unjustly crossed into my territory in a pre-emptive war based on suspicion of weapons of mass destruction? Again, DDR will be the arbitor of Truth and Justice. My obsession is especially poignant since I am so wretched at the game. The first time I played, I had a negative score because I didn't realize that I had to wait until the arrows line up to make the move - the second the direction would scroll up I would step on the pad thing, which though amusing to onlookers, is not an effective winning strategy.

4.) According to my sister, my feet smell terrible. If this is true, I apologize. This reminded me of a recent Savage Love where a girl broke up with her boyfriend - who massaged her feet once she was home from work - once she discovered he had a foot fetish and that's why he would give her the massages. If I were in this situation, I suppose said boyfriend would also need to have a stink fetish. And for the record, I would be totally fine with foot massages under any pretense.

5.) I've called the blockage in the left side of my nose my "nasal" or "nose fetus" much to everyone's horror. I've been hoping to "deliver" said "nose fetus" so that I can breath out of that nostril again. I sometimes provide updates on the "delivery" status.

If you've read this far, then you're tagged.

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