Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Puerto Rican Mojo

So I have had a hellified sinus infection over X-mas break, so much so that I am on my third round of antibiotics. Good times. In fact one whole half of my head seems to be a solid block of goop, which has lead to the offer of many a home remedy from well meaning friends.

KN, like an elder of a tribe, has passed along the remedy of her Puerto Rican brother in law:

"Take whatever kind of peppers you've got and boil them in some water. Then take the pot off the stove and inhale the steam."

OK, sure, why not? So after dinner one evening, I went to the Laaw-yuhr family refridgerator which provided: jalapeno's, sritracha hot sauce (known fondly as "Red Cock Sauce" because of the Rooster emblem on the bottle pictured above) and Tabasco sauce. From the spice cabinet I selected red pepper, cajun seasoning, and fresh ground pepper to add to the mix.

Then I boiled the whole mess, and started inhaling away. And not a damn thing happened. My nostrils didn't budge; my eyes didn't tear. However, this Puerto Rican mojo produced a noxious cloud that flowed into the dinning room causing my family to cough and gag and curse me though their watery eyes couldn't see me.

I was going to save the stuff for another "treatment" later but my father made me throw it out convinced the mojo was going to eat through his good cookware.

I will next be trying a Persian remedy of hot salty water up the nose. Check back for a full report on this effectiveness of this method.

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