Saturday, January 13, 2007

Persian Mojo

Good God almighty. Make the burning stop.

So Big N passed along her Persian remedy for the sinus infection -which is to take warm (bordering on hot) salty water and pour it up your nose. Sound fun? Oh, it is, I assure you.

Since I don't have a Persian mother to throw me in a headlock and dribble the stuff up my nose, I invested in a dropper for a seamless application. I boiled some water in the kettle, disolved a crap load of salt in a mug, and waited for the water to approach bearable temperature. Then the fun begins.

After the firsts few drops I felt nothing, but then after a few minutes I felt like my nose hairs were being singed off. Oh sweet sweet burning. Feeling the water bubble under my eye socket is the most surreal feeling. I'm not yet cured, but this remedy did produce..ahem, results.

Persians: 1 - Puerto Ricans: 0. This round goes to the Persians.

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