Thursday, July 20, 2006

Today's Celebrity Birthday: The Dude Who Plays Sawyer on Lost

Now we're talkin' ladies: It's the birthday of Josh Holloway aka Sawyer aka the man to give Matthew Fox a run for island hottie. Ew. Ok, I just made myself a little sick typing that. I don't know what came over me.

I think living with guys this summer has automatically made me feel the need to objectify the opposite sex. They are always saying "Damn, she's hot!" about some actress when we're watching TV, so I've felt free to do the same -- except of course with men. If they are going to make me watch sports, especially something as incomprehensible as the Tour de France, I am definitely going to tell you who is and who is not good looking. In this respect, The World Cup was a win win for all parties as the action is good, all the men are attractive, and at the end they have trophy ladies for the guys.

At any rate, Sawyer. Damn him! He's such a romance novel scoundrel! And ladies just love a scoundrel! And you know he's all devious and got all the guns from propeller-cut-face bald guy and Matthew Fox....

So I don't really watch the show ok? Roommate Big S. loves the show and we bonded one Saturday night staying up until 4 am watching most of second season back to back. Yes, I was hooked but I haven't seen season 1 so I don't know the backstory or even the characaters' names for that matter, so I just refer to them as "the chick Big S. thinks is hot" or "the chick with the baby" or "that chick who got arrested for drunk driving in real life -- no the other one." The male cast includes "the dude who played a hobbit in Lord of the Rings" and "The black guy who was in a wheelchair in Oz."

Anyway, birthday boy should thank his luck stars for Lost, because previous credits include an appearance on Walker, Texas Ranger and a film I think screened only on the SciFi Channel called Sabretooth.

So Happy Birhtday, island hottie, and may Lost continue to provide for your career.

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