Friday, July 14, 2006

My Dad Sends The Best Emails Part IV

As previously mentioned, my parents are visiting my sister in England. She is graduating from a school in Chichester about an hour from London. This is the latest update on their trip:


We are staying in The Spread Eagle Hotel in Midhurst. We took the slow train to Chichester, and rented a car there. The only automatic available was, sadly enough, a Mercedes C Class. We got a really good deal on it--L46 a day. We are on the third floor with windows opening on to the tile roof.

Driving is a hoot.

Mother needs a valium, maybe two.

Looks like a lot of neat shops in the area while we wait on Rabbit.

We had a good time staying at the H's. Cousin Nancy was there--I was about to pass out laughing at her stories.



I wonder if my father recognizes the hilarity of staying in a hotel with the name "Spread Eagle" in the title?

Also, my mother is the worst person in the world to drive with. I believe she may actually cause me to have a car accident one day. About every 60 seconds she will sharply inhale her breath and make you think that death is imminent -- but actually it's just that there a car that's less 50 yards away heading in your general direction. Panic must ensue!

She will also shout out "Watch 'em!" in her southern drawl. " 'Em" being another car, another driver, or a pedestrian. I usually start shouting "Who? Where? in response, only to later realize she was referring to a parked car or a person standing on the sidewalk, or some other non-threat.

I have always secretly wanted to sedate my mother anytime she is going to ride in the car with me, like they used to do with B.A. Barracas on The A-Team. I can only imagine how bad my poor Dad has it right now, driving on the opposite side of the road with my Mom freaking out and no doubt she's twice as bad as normal. My Dad should win the medal of honor.

Godspeed Dad. Godspeed.

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