Thursday, July 06, 2006

My Dad Sends The Best Emails Part III

My sister, who lives in England, is about to graduate with her master's degree in art, so my parents are there for her final show and graduation ceremony. I am a working schmuck and cannot take a two week break this summer. Oh well. I am a bad sibling, and according to Time magazine this week, it's your siblings, more than your parents, that shape a person.

Interesting. I had no idea that when sis and I were pounding one another's brains out, we were actually teaching each other social skills. Or that's what the shrinks say.

At any rate, the following is the new haiku-email my father sent me to let me know they arrived safely and are now staying with my sister's boyfriend:


I am sitting at the kitchen table in the H. household, looking out the back door at their lovely yard. It is cloudy and cool, and a cool soft rain has been falling.

We will be in touch.


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