Monday, July 24, 2006

This Weekend's Celebrity Birthdays: Terence Stamp and Monica Lewinsky

Look, I had to go to Dallas this weekend to see my family ok and I did not have internet access so no posting, but you will have the good fortune of getting a triple dose today. It's my birthday and I'll post when I want to.

July 22 - Terence Stamp

First, let me being by saying that Terence Stamp is a bad ass. He's one of those guys who's always looked sort of older and more grizzled than they are -even when young- and it gives them a sort of gravitas that their more attractive counterparts generally lack. You can see it in an early and excellent film called Poor Cow, which I think may be next to imposssible to get, but you should try to anyway.

People my age might remember him as General Zod from Superman. In case General Zod isn't ringing a bell, he was one of the eurotrash people dressed in black that spun around in the flat polygon prison thingy. See? A badass.

He was also in that complete piece of detritus known as Red Planet in which he played the mission minister. Other than Stamp's performance, the only redeeming aspect of the film is that it is slightly less terrible than Mission to Mars with that CGI scene with the flute and the spinning DNA and crying alien hologram thingy. Good lord, that was terrible. But in Red Planet, Stamp actually had the best role in the movie, and I was sort of moved by his character's faith and nobility. Best of all, his character had the good sense to die bravely, very early in the film. Well done, sir.

But his best work was certainly in one of Steven Soderburgh's lesser known films, The Limey. Stamp plays Wilson, a British man who goes on a one man killing spree to avenge the death of his daughter. While this plot is nothing new or Intriguing, it is well directed and Stamp is just awesome. I would like to see him and Samuel L. Jackson in a bad-ass-athon. And most clever, is that Soderburgh uses scenes from the film Poor Cow as flashback sequences in The Limey. It's simple, but at the same time totally brilliant and is just one more illustration of what a clever director Soderburgh is.

Happy Birthday. I have no doubt that though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you shall fear no evil because you are the baddest man in the valley, Samuel L. Jackson not withstanding.

July 23 - Monica Lewinsky

Well, goodness, what can I really say about her that hasn't already been said? Actually, I always felt rather bad for her. I mean, we're very close in age, she's just a bit older than me and while lots of young women make very poor relationship choices, most do not have to detail said poor choices in front of the Senate. I'm not saying she's an innocent victim per se, I just think she more than paid for her crime.

And also, I just thought it was weird how women ran out in droves to buy the lipstick she wore on her big interview with Diane Sawyer. She was condemned as a slut, but then people rushed to emulate her fashion choices? Ah America, how I love your many paradoxes.

Anyway, happy birthday ML. Good luck living down your bad rep.

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