Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dirty Limerick

Tonight I had dinner with KN at our favorite Brazillian restaurant (sadly the hot Brazillian waiter was not in attendance) where the drinks are mighty. I haven't seen KN in a few weeks due to bar (bar exam not drinky bar) issues, so tonight we finally got caught up. All this to say my better judgment has been thrown to the wind.

Accepting Grant Miller's challenge to write a joke in response to the Rush Limbaugh/viagra scandal, I have composed a dirty limerick that I am fairly proud of, and so, I thought I should post it instead of just wasting it on someone else's site. It is as follows:

There once was a clown on the radio

Who hated a President for fellacio

Prez's cigar was quite stiff

which created the rift

because the clown can only make innuendo.

Ok, look, except for excessive cursing, I do not come up with my own dirty jokes. Give me points for this one.

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