Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I am already disappointed by "Snakes On A Plane"

See, I totally thought this film was going to be a comedy.

Well, it all goes back to an old SNL skit. I remember being sick at home one Saturday Night while running a fever. I woke up just in time for the last sketch which starred Will Ferrell and Tim Meadows. The premise of the skit was that some cobras got lose on the plane and the pilot played by Will Ferrell would come over the intercom to give updates on the situation. Will Ferrell was always ridiculously calm while the passengers, mainly Tim Meadows, were freaking out while being confronted by the snake puppets.

Finally the snakes got into the pilot's cabin. Will Ferrell again came over the loud speaker and announced "Oh god, I've been bitten. I can feel the venom coursing thruogh my veins. God it hurts!...Oh hey, look, an old Indian man is motioning me to follow him over the hill...I think I'll do that." He then crashed the plane.

While this would be odd enough, the plane crash is followed by a snake puppet laughing maniacally and saying something about "You should fear me. Everytime you put your hand in a dark corner, there will be me!"

Yeah, it's totally insane and I'm not even sure I didn't half way hallucinate it all. But the part with Will Ferrell following the old man over the hill just kills me. I crack up just thinking about it.

So this my friends is what I thought
Snakes On A Plane was going to be. Some sort of long comedy based on the sketch, but I have since learned that it is going to be an action movie. I am so disinterested now.

Also, apparently Samuel L. Jackson fought for the name to be
Snakes on a Plane other than the more mundane titles suggested by studio execs, Pacific Flight 121 .

I guess if he'd had his way, he would also have entitled Deep Blue Sea as Hey, A Shark Ate Me.

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