Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bobby Pins: My Very Own Terror Alert System

About this time last year my friend KN had her soul broken by studying for the bar exam.

She told me "I'm in bad shape, cause I've got out the cloth headband like it's seventh grade."

At the time, I didn't understand what she was talking about. Cloth headband? What the hell?

Now I fully understand.

As the study stress sets in, small things begin to make you crazy. Like WHY IN GOD'S NAME IS MY HAIR TOUCHING MY FACE?! GET OFF!

I have taken an alternate approach to KN's cloth headband - that is, bobby pins. When I get home from Bar review, I secure my bangs back from my face with pins, a la 1992.

But after a while little wisps start working their way out and TOUCHING MY DAMN FACE. Therefore I have to insert another pin to secure those hairs. Over time, I add more pins ever closer to my forehead. And just as the colors of our terror alert system signify how ready we must be for attack, the number of pins is a direct correlation to my stress.

It's 19 days until the Bar and counting. We're presently up to three bobby pins of terror.

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