Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

My Dad is, without a doubt, the greatest Dad ever. He is patient and kind, and very few people could say a bad word against him. He's even won a number of teaching awards from his university.

Because my dad is so excellent I had a panic attack last weekend thinking Father's day was last Sunday rather than this weekend and I had no gift for my father.

I was paying out at Best Buy when this thought entered my head, and I blurted out to the cashier,

"Oh god, is Father's Day this Sunday?"
"I dunno, I ain't got no father" was the terse reply.

And there was nothing to say to that other than to gather up my belongings and scamper off without making eye contact.

As though to punish me for my insensitivity, our Job-like plagues continue, and this morning I came downstairs to find our plumbing had sprung a leak and there was water all over the kitchen.

Happy Father's Day out there to all you dads, especially the ones with plumbing skills.

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