Monday, June 04, 2007

It's Official: America Blows

America is the World's 96th most peaceful nation on the global index released last Wednesday by researchers at The Economist magazine (I read about it in The Washington Post though).

Sure, 96 sounds great - that is until you realize that it's only out of 121 nations. And we come in after Yemen (at 95!).

Some more surprising nations that are more peaceful than the U.S.:

Cambodia at 85

Syria at 77

Croatia at 67

Cuba and China at 59 and 60 respectively (apparently commies do do it better!)

Libya at 58

Vietnam at 35

Hungary at 18

Some two-dozen "indicators" were used to create the rankings, including wars fought in the last five years, arms sales, prison populations and incidence of crime.

Oh, the 97th most peaceful nation is Iran (we are 96 remember?). Iraq is the 121st. Do we know how to keep the peace or what?!

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