Sunday, June 10, 2007

Not So Funny When The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

So EZ and I have both been laughed at recently, but I admit he took it far better than I did.

EZ got laughed at on day three of our new life in D.C. at the Target. My toilet had already backed up so I thought we should buy toilet plungers for all the bathrooms. I also thought it might be a good idea to get the plungers with a basin or container so that the gross plunger is not just sitting on the floor.

So we're on the bathroom aisle in and I say to EZ "Ok, look here's one [referring to a plunger with base]. What do you think of this?"
"Mmmmmmmm, I don't love it," said EZ. And a straight man in the aisle just burst out laughing.

I understand, because to him it is just a toilet plunger, not an object where one usually sweats the aesthetics. And when he laughed, EZ and I cracked up too.

I got laughed at at the hardware store. And the gay hardware store at that (located in Logan)! I went to the store to rent a drill because of the structural failure in my closet. There was a man who offered to help as we walked in so I told him that I wanted to make sure it was an 18v drill and that it was cordless and make sure the charger came with it etc. and as I'm asking this the man starts cracking up. Yeah, that's right, I know my drills.

It totally pissed me of, but EZ thought he was merely amused in that isn't-it-cute-that-this-girl-knows-drill-shit.
"There are at least two lesbians that work there not to mention the gay dudes," I pointed out, "and it's a really small hardware store, so it must not be that unusual for a girl to know about drills."
"It is for straight girls."
I was miffed, but EZ had the point because I did prance in in a black dress and red flats and so I was probably at least the "fanciest" girl he's ever had speak to him knowledgeably about a drill.

But also fuck him.

Additionally, EZ and I think that this particular plunger that we saw at Target has *ahem* other purposes.

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