Monday, June 05, 2006

Have IPod, Will Sing

I am now officially dangerous. Now that I have my IPod up and running, I am no longer limited to singing at the top of my lungs to my music just in the car.

Now, I can sing, horribly, tunelessly anywhere.

As I was doing laundry the other day my housemate snuck up on me and goes "Ah, singing are we?"

I was totally busted and apologized, I but mentioned there would probably be more where that came from. Housemate chuckled and assured me it didn't bother him.

But with IPod I would probably not have noticed/talked to housemate and kept right on singing. Singing full force along with IPod might be prove to be far more annoying to housemate than softly singing while shuffling around.

It is a terrible shame that I got this for Christmas and it is just now that I've had a chance to sit down, get the software working, and upload my CD collection. Pathetic.

Oh IPod, how did I ever live without you?

Please, don't ever break. Or get lost.

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