Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ugandan Rodger Update

You all may remember the sleazy come-on last semester of one Ugandan Rodger (check posts from November for the story). It took place in the Austin library where he not so subtly suggested that we should "you know." Sadly, Ugandan Rodger does not belong to Austin, he belongs to NOLA and so we have both returned to this post-apocalypse land.

Until now I have managed to ignore him or at least not make eye contact (I don't want to give him any "ideas"). But today I came around the corner heading to the student lounge to buy some water and he came out of the door, and it was too late. There was nowhere to hide. I pretended to be very interested in signs on the wall as I walk forward but then he says "Oooohhh, I thought I left you in Austin!"

Ha ha. I smile in a malvelolent-I-wish-I-could-puke-on-you way and say "No." If only I had been so lucky. What I wish I had said is "It's never going to happen. Not ever. Never, ever, never."

But Ugandan Rodger is not smart and I'm sure he would press his luck and say something assinine like "Even if we were the last people on Earth?"

No, Ugandan Rodger, not even then. Because less people on Earth would not make you less creepy.

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