Monday, April 03, 2006

The Thai Food Strikes Back

Dinner last night was wonderful. I and 3 of my friends ate at our favorite thai place in the marigney. It's not only our favorite, it's the only decent remaining thai place not formerly under several feet of water.

And though red curry, you were deliscious, you have revisted me angrily in the form of an upset stomach. I was dressed, I had read my homework and was preparing to head to class, but alas, stomach you and you alone betrayed me.

Now I lay on my bed in pain. On the upside, a rerun of the West Wing is on TV. God knows I am unable to watch the West Wing without getting all weepy. Seriously, when that opening music begins I am practically in tears. Then there will come that part of the show when the President or Toby or Leo or Josh will give some inspiring speech about America and how we should "do the right thing," and I'll start crying like a baby.

Contrast that with the speech our current president gave at my college graduation where he told us his favorite drink to get on Greenville Ave (the bar strip). It's called "the fishbowl" and it is literally a fishbowl full of alcohol. I think there might be gummy fish in it as well. Never mind the inappropriateness of a former alcoholic telling you about his favorite drink at a college graduation. On the inspiration scale I give that a 0 out of 10.

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