Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tiny is Secretly, Deliciously Evil

Exam time means studying, and studying means study breaks. This is of course self evident.

Today I took a coffee break with mis amigos as the afternoon wore on. For some reason we started talking about trash which inevitably led to Candy Girl noting the critters attracted to said trash. In Louisiana, they are many and plentiful, my "favorite" being rats and giant cockroaches.

We discuss which creatures we like the least: personally, I'll take rats over cockroaches, because I can shoot a rat (not that I really would, but conceptually speaking). It's the tininess of the roach that makes it so insidious in my mind. EZ said he prefers the roach because it can be stepped on. Tiny hates both, and to her hate list she also added squirrels.

Tiny developed her hatred for squirrels at college because the squirrels there were unafraid and were constantly underfoot and were a hazard for bikers. Then Tiny starts laughing uncontrollably and tries to tell us the story of this squirrel that got hit by a bike and its tail got amputated.

What was killing Tiny is that the tail lay in the street for several days and the now-tailless squirrel kept coming back to look at it. Poor little squirrel, coming back to mourn the loss of its tail. I feel kind of bad for the squirrel.

Then again, if I think of it as a furrier rat, I really don't feel bad at all.

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