Wednesday, March 29, 2006

God Answers Colby's Prayers With A Resounding "No."

Well, readers, I am sorry to report that Colby's heifer lost at the stock show. Or as EZ said, "It's not that he's a loser, it's just that he didn't win. " That's good spin.

We must not have been vigilant enough "prayer warriors." I'll remember not to ask you all to pray for me, and clearly, I'll have to pay some proven prayer warriors if it ever comes to that.

EZ's Mom said that there was simply the wrong kind of judge at the show, and "if Colby's heifer had been judged by that other judge he would have won." I asked EZ what the hell that meant, and he just looked exasperated and said "oh hell, I don't know I always zone out when my family starts talking technical cow shit."

Ok, fair enough. I mean, I only have so much space in the ol' hard drive and I don't think I'd put cow data in it either.

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