Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Big N (like WU-Tang) for the Kids!

So the other day Big N and I were walking back to la escuela de ley when we see a couple of hundred tiny children filling into the main campus auditorium. They’re all about 7 yrs old in little uniforms looking like cherubic Campbell’s soup kids, although in this case they are Catholic school kids.

They’re so cute and tiny and in a line and I feel strangely compelled (or the voices tell me) to run down the row and high five all the little kids. I tell this to Big N who laughs and thinks it’s a great idea. So she puts up her hand and shouts “come on kids, high five, high five” and she runs down the row of kids. And then, to my surprise, not one kid validates her effort with a high five. Not one little kid. None. Nada. Zero. Zip.

Now mind you, Big N is ethnic and all the kids are white, and after she is denied props by a row of little kids Big N looks at me and says, “Damn Bush propaganda, they probably think I’m a terrorist.” I offer to test her hypothesis and have my cracker ass run down the line of kids and see if they’ll high five me, but it would hardly be scientific since it is unknown if they were simply unprepared and might high five me because it won’t seem so out of the blue, or if they really do think she's a terrorist. Sadly, the question stays unanswered, but if I had to guess, crackers win again.

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