Saturday, March 05, 2005

Would you still love me if snot shot out of my eyeballs?

This is classic Pants. It's Friday night, 12:05 in the a.m. and we're still working on our briefs. We begin to reminiss about lunch the other day when Candy Girl and Slim shared their vomit-inducing mucus/pink eye stories and are laughing (see previous entry).

Then Pants decides it is time to test her man's love for her and give him a call. It's 1:05 am his time, but she just wants him to weigh in on the discussion (despite the fact that she is fully aware he is already asleep). She does this frequently, calling him to see how far she can push him. Sometimes it's just to bore him and tell him she bought new shoes or she found an apartment painted her favorite color. Other times it's to really rile him up to discuss subjects like the budget for her engagement ring, or perhaps if they should get a pre-nup. As in this case, she will call for these little chats at any hour that suits her. Fortunately, her man-love is a steadfast guy and knows how full of shit she is, so he just lets her do her thing.

So why did she call? She wanted to know if he would still love her if snot shout out of her eyes. Just like it happened to Slim on the plane, because Slim's boyfriend still loves her.

If this were me I would hang up the phone, but for some reason Pants's man-love calmly explains that he would still love her and, since he know physics, explains how the pressure in the plane caused it to happen.
Wonders never cease. Maybe true love really does exist.

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