Thursday, March 03, 2005

Too Lazy to Pee

So it's the countdown to the appellate brief being done and tonight, we're all sitting around pretending to do work again. I (Texas) am probably going to be called on in class tomorrow so I am trying to read, but the rest of the jokers are basically wigging out. We finally have a moment of silence and Pants blurts out "You ever been too lazy to pee?" This produces a mixed bag of responses. Mirth from me, disbelief from Candy Girl, and EZ, ever helpful, offers to help Pants stand up. As though the real problem was just standing. Pants elaborates that the problem is that she doesn't want to put on her shoes as she won't "pee without my shoes in my own bathroom, much less in this disgusting one." Why it was necessary to take off her shoes in the first place I'll never know.

Pants then followed up with the fact that she and her man will often lay in bed and discuss their need to pee, but will decide that it's too much effort and will instead decide to roll over and sleep for another hour instead. EZ helpfully suggested that men may have greater bladder capacity. I don't buy it, unless their genitalia serves as a reservoir in addition to their bladder.

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