Thursday, October 25, 2007

AISL Weekend Edition: Help Me Choose my Halloween Costume

Ah Halloween. The time that every girl rifles through her underwear to create a "costume". But really, I'm tired of being a "sexy" witch, or a "sexy" devil. It's time to go as something new and startling, and also possibly slightly less related to Halloween. Won't you please help me decide?

Behold this little number known as Major Tease. When I support our troops, I like to do it with an underwire bra and spandex! And what a deal at $52.99 - it even comes with the jaunty hat and canteen.

Who knew inviting a Tailhook-style raping could be this much fun?!

What could say "I abhor the vestiges of slavery" more than Southern Belle Sexy Adult? Let's relive one of the most contentious times in our nation's history - and show a little skin while we're at it! Demure on top, pure southern belle on the bottom - the website even says "This southern beauty is not going to give you bad hospitality."

Could have only been more offensive if the model had been black.

Goodbye Sherlock Holmes, hello Inspector Adult! According to the website, "She's out searching for clues that will lead to the fun!!"

By that they mean, she can't offer any sort of Holmesian insights, but she's probably investigated some business - if you get my drift.

And last but not least, allow me to present Texas Hold 'Em. You know what's funny? Getting groped! Show the guys at the party just how funny - and how easy - you are with this hillarious costume!

Can also serve as a "how-to" for that really, really drunk-special- guy in your life.

Let me know which you think suits me best - after all, I'm a girl, and god knows I can't make a decision without input from at least 15 people!

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