Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hypothetical Questions in the Afternoon

Recently a friend of mine posed the following hypothetical questions:

1) If you could have a magical tree in your backyard that would grow some favorite item of yours, what would it grow? (So this item has to be small enough to hang from the limbs of a tree, it can't grow brand new Mercedes)

2) If you could travel 20 years into the future to see how the world had changed, what possible change would you be most interested in seeing?

Answering these questions is no easy task as I always grapple with a serious answer and a completely ridiculous answer. So do you go with what your id wants or what your ego wants? Personally, I have assigned the different aspects of my personality to different characters, greek chorus style. Sure, there's Laawyuhr up there, but there's also someone I like to call Thag.

Thag looks like a cromagnon man from the Far Side Cartoons. Thag hits electronic devices when they break. Thag breaks plastic CD cases
instead of patiently peeling off all the shrink rap and stickers off the new CD to open it. Thag shoves things in drawers without folding them. You get the idea. So I've decided to let each character answer a question.

So what sort of Magical Tree do I want?

Ruling out anything noble, I would like a tree that sprouts CDs and books. A Barnes and Noble tree if you will. I always seem to want these things, and never spend money on them. I have CD's that I've had since the 7th grade, which I still listen to.

Thag want ice cream sandwich tree. When Thag was little, I would bury a
little bit of my ice cream sandwiches in the sandbox in hopes that an ice cream sandwich tree would sprout. True story. Thag not very smart.

What do I want to see 20 years in THE FUTURE?

I'm curious to see where we'll be with global warming. Will we have developed super cool, fuel efficient cars and homes? I'm also curious to see who will be the dominant world force. Will it be China? What language will have become predominant?


Thag want to see robots. Thag most excited by idea of robot body. Thag want brain put in hot robot body.

Thag also want to have continual internets hooked up to brain. That way when Thag have question or arguments, internet can be accessed immediately to solve. Thag like interwebs.

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