Sunday, August 12, 2007

...And We're Back!

Apologies for the hiatus.

There are a number of reasons I have not posted.

Firstly, I had what we law students (or at least my friends) call The Postpartum. It's just like real postpartum depression, except it and occurs after every finals period and you've birthed nothing but your finals. Or in this case, The Bar.

You see, my non-law friends, you spend every day doing law shit - and then about two weeks before finals you spend every waking moment studying law shit- and then after giving birth to your finals you feel terrible. All of sudden you have all this time, and you feel like you should be studying, or doing something productive, and you don't know how you did on your finals, and you feel so guilty for not studying and you don't know what to do with yourself. It usually takes me a few days to shake myself out of this.

The Bar was even worse. It did not go well at all. I won't know the results until November, and then if I failed I'll have to take it again in February. So I was bummed. I even forgot to wish my best friend from high school a happy birthday (shout out to Blogda). Plus we cleaned the house.

Oh yeah, and I fucking turned 30. So I needed to spend several days spent inebriated to figure out how to answer questions like:

1) Why aren't you married yet?
2) Don't you know that your ovaries are shrinking?
3) Why do you have yourself so much education?
4) When are you gonna get yourself a man?
5) Don't you know you're never gonna get a man with all that smart talk?
6) When are you gonna have kids?
7) Have you picked your wedding colors?
8) When are you getting married?

(Incidentally, the answers are respectively: Never dated a good one worth marrying; Yes, and maybe I'll freeze them so that your spawn don't make up our genetic legacy; Because it makes us better people you cretin; It's easier to find Bin Laden than a single, employed, nice "man" who's interested; I wouldn't want a man who would take me with stupid talk; Not sure- maybe never, maybe I'll meet a good guy, maybe I'll just have a kid out of wedlock; People who discuss wedding colors but have no prospective groom are pathetic; Honestly, go fuck yourself.)

So in short, I think I was entitled to my little postpartum meltdown/ blog hiatus. But it's nice to get messages that you care. It was like getting a non-cheesy hallmark card. That card would be better though if it had some ecstasy in it. I'm just saying.

And then once I felt better, I didn't have a chance to blog as I had to go visit my parents in North Carolina for a week, and they only have dialup which I just can't handle in terms of blogging, so it was just better do without.

I do promise that I have good stories to share. Upcoming stories include:

*how my sister met Ralph Fiennes
* Sometimes the gays confuse me aka How I was practically gang raped on the dance floor
* my dad and golf
* turducken
* the craziest chick-fil-a ever: aka white people's chicken
* poop

And now dear readers, it's time to adjourn. We will have brunch soon. And I need to go look for a job. If anyone knows of any legal work in the D.C. area for a bar-pending attorney, I'm all ears.

On a separate note, would people like it if I good one of those blog subscription services that let's you know when I update? If so, can anyone recommend a particular user friendly, free service?

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