Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Things That Are A Bad Idea

Sorry I haven't had the chance to post much recently, I had to go to a wedding last weekend, I actually got a short term job this week and then our internet crapped out, so in short, I've been busy. However, I did see some amazing things while I was at my friend's wedding.

First, I saw a guy actually wearing these 4 colored pants. In case it's not clear from the picture, each leg is actually two colors. On the left (of the pictire) the leg is baby blue and preppie green and on the right there's khaki and salmon pink. Just when I thought east coast style couldn't get any worse than the critter pants, the east coast has given us the four colored pant.

But let's back up for a moment, because I realize everyone may not be familiar with the critter pant. Critter pants are khaki pants or shorts with a repeating patterns of small embroidered animals. The horrible, like grown up grrranimals. Check out this example from J.Crew. If you consider yourself an adult, then you cannot own critter pants.

Not to mention, the critter pants are so a few years ago. The four colored pant is cutting edge fashion for the Martha's Vineyard set. Before, east coast yuppies couldn't wear all the preppy colors at the same time -- now the four colored pant has come along to solve this dilemma. It's preppie! It's court jestery! No, it's the four colored pant.

Thank god I was completely wasted when I saw the guy at the wedding wearing them. Because I feel sure the alcohol helped to cover the surprise at his fashion choice. Had I been sober, no doubt the shock would have registered on my face. Thanks to alcohol my brain was saying "Wow, that's a really bad idea" while my face was saying "derrrrrrrrrr".

And hey, four colored pants aren't just for spring and summer anymore. Someone has gone and created a version for fall. Hallelujah.

I also saw the most amazing SUV in Jersey. Stencilled on the back window in enormous white letters were the words "MISTER 420". And that immediately cracked me up. It's like advertising to the cops "The Drugs are in Hizzere!" If that doesn't create probable cause for a car search, I don't know what will. So you, Mister 420, either have cojones of steel or your are a complete moron.

I'm going with the latter.

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