Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Icons Are Enormous

I have two classes back to back in the same room. The first class is crowded, and the power outlets in one of the rows don't work, so I always run on the battery during the first class and then plug in when it dies in the second class.

So my battery died on Monday, while I was taking a little bathroom break. Came back, plugged in, and then my desktop icons were ENORMOUS. (much bigger than the picture) So I went to my desktop setup where I discovered that "Large Icons" was definitely NOT selected.

So I started fiddling with the sizing, but like something out of Alice In Wonderland, the icons just kept getting bigger and bigger. They became Jumbotron- sized icons. And each time I made an adjustment my computer would have to restart and would whir all angrily.

As distressing as the situation was, my large icons were also hillarious. TIny who was sitting next to me kept looking over and cracking up as well. Because literally, you could read my icons from the back row of the class.

We both felt kind of bad because our clinic instructor was trying to impart his wisdom in our final class and also he had just broken his wrists so I felt bad for laughing. Trying to stiffle it wasn't all that successful, so basically I'm an insensitive jerk.

With enormous desktop icons.

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