Thursday, September 14, 2006


As avid fans of Project Runway, it only stands to reason that EZ and I are also fans of The Sartorialist.

To give credit where credit is due, The Sartorialist is sort of the Vogue of fashion blogs, but it stilll maintains an indie feel. It's run by one guy who shoots his own photos of the well dressed on the streets of New York. It's nice to see photos of everyday people who display a certain flair for fashion and I appreciate that he does include a range of folk, not just rail-thin fashonistas.

However, from time to time Sarty leads us astray, as in the photo posted at left, showing a necklace made by the girl pictured.

EZ said "It looks like a sea urchin died around her neck."

We found this comment to be both apt and witty, and EZ tried to post it as a comment. But surprisingly, Sarty was being bitchy, and he refused to approve the post!

So that EZ's comment is not like the proverbial tree in the forest, I decided to post it myself.

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