Monday, June 19, 2006

A Sweet Little Love Story

As today was Father's day I had lunch with my folks, and after eating together we went shopping in a little town outside of Austin. We visited a pottery shop that had a very nice woman at the counter, who it turned out, was the potter.

I noticed that she was wearing a lovely silver repousse bracelet. I complimented her on it, and she smiled and actually blushed.

She said that on her first date with her husband he had brought her the bracelet. When he gave it to her he said "This belonged to my Mother. She was an artist like you and much loved and I think you should have it."

She said she told him later that he took a big risk giving her the bracelet. His response was "Naw, I knew you were my girl."

She was still blushing and smiling when she admitted that she rarely took the bracelet off.

I would expect this from a newlywed, but she mentioned that they had a 16 year old daughter so they had clearly been married for some time.

Yes, secretly I am a sap.

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