Sunday, June 11, 2006

House Mate Faux Pas: The Capital of France is "F"

So currently I live in a house with anywhere from 1 to 5 boys. As law students, they all have various jobs out of the city at the moment so the house is empty except for myself and one other temporary tenant.

Other housemate and I had a class together for the semester that I visited Austin, and we get along pretty well. But as any two people who know each other only through class and a few social occassions, we don't know each other as cohabitators, so we're still at that kind of awkward level of "yes you are cool and we get along, but I don't know all your weird habits."

Case in point, housemate and I were just hanging out the other morning watching TV and he announces "Well, I'm going to go visit my grandmother." In my mind I'm thinking that that's random, but I am excited as this meant I would have the afternoon to watch girl TV (i.e. anything that is not sports) and do other assorted girl things.

I decided to combine three girl activities by watching a movie, sending some email, and putting on my mint-julep-green-clay-pore-shrinking face mask. An hour and a half after housemate left, I am happily sitting on the couch in a black t-shirt and yoga pants, computer in lap, green mask shrinking my pores when I hear the downstairs door unlock.


Panic officially sets in. Housemate is going to see me in the green face mask! There is nowhere to hide. The upstairs with the TV is sort of loft-y with an open kitchen/living room area and then bedrooms off of that area. Housemate lives in the upstairs bedroom and bath, I have the downstairs.

I leap off the couch like I'm on fire, clutching my computer to my chest. I go lurk in the kitchen area thinking Housemate might just walk by and go into his room without seeing me. Please God, let him just go to his room.

But oh no, housemate marches right into the kitchen to say "Hey" and then sees my hideous green face. And I shout at him "You can't laugh," to which he of course laughs and I bolt past him down the stairs to go scrub my face in the privacy of my bathroom.

Note to self: girlie stuff must be contained to own room/bathroom. And seriously, who goes to visit their grandma for just an hour and a half?

Saturday night after returning from dinner with friends, I plopped down to watch some more TV with Housemate. After a bit he says that he is going to get up early tomorrow so he's going to bed and relinquishes TV control to me. I flip to the rerun of SNL to see who's on and then flip over to PBS which is showing "The Vicar of Dibley," one of my all-time favorite Brit comedies (following The Office).

In this particular epside, the village dumb dumb is trying to win the village quiz (like trivial pursuit) against the village snob (and dumb dumb's soon to be father-in-law). Idiot girl is the best friend of the lady vicar and wants the vicar to help her prepare for the quiz. The conversation goes something like this:

Idiot-girl: Go on, ask me a question. I'm ready for anything
Vicar: Ok, what's the capitol of France?
Idiot-girl: "F", yes "F" is the capitol of France.

And for some reason, this strikes me as the funniest thing in the universe. I start laughing uncontrollably and nearly fall off the couch. Housemate comes into the kitchen for a drink and says "What's so funny? I didn't quite catch that..." So I repeat the joke, twice, and am laughing so hard that I am out of breath. Housemate does not laugh and futhermore, looks at me like I am possessed.

What can I say? I know how to impress.

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