Saturday, February 18, 2006

I Love Law School Prom

Shake out your prom dress ladies, 'cause we're goin' to prom!

Of course that was initially said by Wanda Sykes in a completely different context. Her husband is five years younger than she is so she was advocating that "if you can't find a good one, raise one," and prom might be the place to make that happen.

In my case, I was shaking out the prom dress because, well, I was going to law school prom. Sure, they try to class it up and call it the "Barrister's Ball", but a spade is a spade and this is law school prom. Besides, it is highly appropriate because law school is so much like high school complete with clicks, class elections, gossip, and romances. Being in my late 20's, I sometimes feeel about 10 years older than my classmates (instead of about 4), almost like dog years. I didn't enjoy this part of high school, much less in my adult life. But people never seem to outgrown this sort of stuff, they just get older. So why can't we all just get along?

OH, that's right, because you kids annoy the crap out of me.

Somtimes the law school social scene is in fact more juvenile than high school. Forunately this was mitigated at this prom by being old enough to drink. Being too poor to drink at it sucked though. Tickets wer $30 and this only got you one drink ticket and after that, cocktails were $7. That's highway robbery. At one point they ran out of highball glasses and so they made my G&T in a wine glass. And it was terrible. It wasn't even good gin. Fortunately, Pants had a pre-party before the ball so a large $ expenditure was not necessary. Unfortunately for Pants she was wasted before she even made it to prom. Ah well. The prom itself was nice. I don't even remember where it was held , but the band was swinging and one of my friends from UT came as well, and everyone looked muy nice. Overall, I give law school prom a thumbs up.

For our prom after party, we changed clothes at the hotel and went dancing at the new place D and Big N discovered called One Eyed Jack's. Cover is $10 I think, but did I have to pay? No. Because as we were about to walk into the club this gay man grabs me and says "I don't need this anymore" and proceeds to put his entry bracelet on my arm. I was a little drunk, so i didn't quite understand what was happening at first and I know I didn't properly thank him, but his bracelet meant I could saunter in for free.

Those of you who know me, know I have magical powers over gay men. I cannot explain it, but you can put me in the category with Cher, Judy Garland, and Madonna. "But Texas" you may say, "surely you exaggerate." Ah, surely I do not. EZ also did not believe me, until he visited me in Dallas and we went to the West Village (aka the gayborhood) to catch a movie. And I stopped gay man traffick. From across the street gay guys smile at me, they come up and spontaneously talk to me, and they all want to be my best friend. I have absolutely no explanation for this talent, but there you go. I think that I must emit the wrong kind of pheromones. But I always use my power for good and not evil.

Also, this is great to have gay guys give you free stuff because you know they are never going to expect anything in return. You'll never have a crude proposition for club entry from a gay dude. Unfortuantely, there just aren't enough gay guys working the velvet rope. But bottom line, I didn't have to pay to get in, and the guy who gave me his bracelet had his friend give S (my friend) his bracelet so we could both get in free. Yay free. Plus the place was great; good music, good crowd, and no other law students surprisingly.

Ok, so this was not a remarkable information, but caring means sharing. And I also wanted to show that post-apocalypse life can still be fun. Carpe apocalpyse!

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