Thursday, March 03, 2005

Law School is fo Suckas

We're bored, we're depressed, we're law students.

The following is an excerpt from a property law casebook (courtesy of D) that accurately sums up the experience of being in law school.
Many people find the law of servitudes particularly confusing. In fact, many are so confused that they leave the subject thinking they know less than they did when they began and wishing they had never heard of servitudes, or - in a few documented cases - they abandon the study of law altogether...Entering the study of servitudes is a little like diving into a swamp at night, swimming and floundering in terror, and emerging quite fortuitously on some unknown shore in the morning. When it's all over you're sorry that it happened, you don't understand anything you saw but you know you didn't like it, and you are extremely grateful that you blundered out. Fortunately, falling into a swamp in most cases can be avoided. Unfortunately for a property lawyer, the study of servitudes cannot be.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy watching this ship of fools sink into the Louisiana swamp.

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