Friday, September 01, 2006

You So Old

One sign of post-Katrina revitalization has been the reopening of the Broadway Food Mart - a mere 3 block walk from my house. This handy bodega provides for most party needs as they sell ice, chips, and hard liquor just a jaunt down the street. One of my favorite exam time procrastination tactics was to walk to the foodmart to get gum or something else I didn't really need.

So it was to my immense pleasure that the food mart re-opened, as I had immediate need of its goods for our weekly Project Runway viewing party. I had decided to make this mango aqua fresca cocktail, which required either mandarin or citron vodka. How happy I was to find that Broadway Food Mart carries both!

The lady who runs it is an older ,and I believe Vietnamese lady, who is quite nice but lacks volume control. When I entered the foodmart she was shouting with a customer,
Customer: "No, you should spend yo money on lottery tickets!"

Then they both laughed. I don't know what that was about. I asked for my vodka and the lady asked for my ID.

She started at my license and then shouted " '77* YOU SO OLD!" which I'll admit, was fairly devastating.

Then she dropped her voice a bit, which for her I think might have been a whisper "But you look 18-19. You look gooooood. Whatever you do, keep doing it!"

"Um, thanks," I said slightly stunned.

Maybe this is why the 24 year olds hit on me?
*1977 is the year of my birth. I believe it is also the year of the snake.

Additionally, no disrespect is intended from dialect representation, it is merely descriptive. I do not really speak any other languages, and I admire anyone who can.

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