Monday, March 13, 2006

Toilet Brush?

EZ and I ran across this...and it's insane. And hillarious. And more than just a little bit disturbing.
Toilet bowl brush for sale

Nice used toilet bowl brush with white scallop shaped plastic holder for sale. Brush handle is crooked to reach the hard places. The brushhead is circular, blue bristles at the tip and the rest are white. The tip bristles are sorta flattened out from use, but still highly effective in performing the job for which they were designed. It also has a soft grip that is shaped to fit your hand..this is leading edge bowlbrush technology.

This is a really nice brush, and the scallop-shaped holder just completes the upscale look of your toilet accessories (even if it is just plastic). Well, what more can i say about this fine item? The only reason i am considering selling it is because i got a different style one for free that the neighbors left when they moved. For a while i had both in my bathroom and now i have decided that due to my need for cash i will part with this beloved brush and scallop holder.

You know, this guy makes his used toilet brush sound almost tempting. And then one realizes he's offering a used toilet brush. Hmmmm. You know, I'd like to sit down and talk to the guy who wrote this and the guy who wrote the review of the Care Bears movie (see previous post - "Review: The Care Bears Movie"). No, scratch that. What I'd like to see is Care-Bears-guy and toilet-brush-guy have a conversation which I could observe safely behind one way glass. Yes, that's *much* better.

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