Sunday, March 26, 2006

Let's All Pray For Colby's Heifer

One reason that EZ and I are good friends is that we have a certain amount of background in common. EZ is from Oklahoma and his extended family consists of farmers; I'm from Texas (we refer to our collective culture as Okla-Tex) with farming family in North Carolina. Our backgrounds being what they are, I find that it's not entirely uncommon for a relative to call and, oh ask you to pray for their success at a county fair or stock show.

And by pray, I literally mean ask Jesus for said relative's cow or corn to win best in show.

Case in point, EZ's mom called the other day and as she was saying goodbye she said "Remember Colby, he's got a real nice heifer that's gonna be in the show this weekend."

By "remember" his mom means "remember in your prayers." Making this deal sweeter is that "Colby is pronounced in Okla-Tex "Kobe" (like Kobe Bryant).

I think it would be nice if we all remembered Colby's heifer in our prayers this week. I would hate for Colby's heifer not to win due to more forceful prayer from the other heifer owners.

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