Friday, January 04, 2008

Prologue to The Year In Review: New AISL site

First, I'd like to announce the launch of the shiny, new ADVENTURES IN SELF-LOATHING site.

Second, the following post is my traditional Year In Review, one of the few times I stray from self-deprecation and allow myself to wallow unapologetically in self-pity.
It's one of those posts that some people will read and think "Jesus, I didn't need to know that about this person, good lord what is wrong with her?" To those people I'd say, don't bother reading The Year In Review, but proceed directly to the new site and read about The Best Christmas Present Ever.

Additionally, I apologize to everyone I've talked smack about on this blog. You probably didn't deserve it. But hey, everyone needs their outlet, and this is a lot cheaper than therapy.


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